Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dream travel to UK

It was my dream of travelling to UK once a while...hope i will travel as now my current project which i am working is for UK based customer..actually he is from netherlands...

its a good place to visit but the problem in UK is staying it has been major problem...the cheapest option available is sharing room with people..but who will be interested to share room..any way i found out website offering cheap hotels..

http://www.cheaperthanhotels.co.uk/ offers last minute search of cheap hotels in places like netherlands,greece,czech-republic etc... its easy to find details in the site..

if you have a dream of travelling...search for the cheepest and the best...and enjoy your stay..

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Portable Player takes on CD player

The CD was introduced with great fanfare in 1982 and soon supplanted the audio cassette due to high quality digital sound.You could bring your portable cd player anywhere to listen to high quality audio music. The next revolution started with the acceptance of mp3 music. MP3 stands for Moving Pictures Expert Group 1 Audio Layer 3. This mp3 technology allows for the compression of normal CD audio file in WAV format and reduces the size of the file by a factor of 10 to 1. That means you can store thousands of songs in a small portable player while previously a CD player could only hold a CD at a time.

CD player have advantages, in that CD players are cheaper than mp3 players. There is no need to buy storage media which is expensive. Songs in mp3 format have different sound volume levels while in a CD you get consistent sound volume. Why bother with the hassle of encoding, transferring and managing files which is troublesome, time consuming and more demanding when you can just simply pop in anew CD and get instant gratification. Also, if you travel to aless developed country , a CD player proves to be more useful asaccess to broadband is hard to find for downloading of your internet music. In addition, CD can last a life time and are virtually indestructible compared to a mp3 hard drive or flash memory players which have a limited life span and could spoil.

I personally switched from cd player to my 80 gig ipod because otherwise i would have too many cd's to carry around easily. Not that i have a very large cd collection but i want max quality so i wont put them on mp3 cd's even then i would have over 50 mp3 cd's.

But to compete now CD player's are becoming more compact , for household uses best Cd players are available with WIFI options to speakers..these make them compete with mp3 players.

wize.com has different CD players to choose from...

HDTV hot Gadget these Holiday Season

If you’ve had a big-screen flat-panel HDTV in your sights for a while, it looks like this fall will be a great time to pull the trigger.

Prices this holiday season are expected to hit an all-time low, about 40 percent cheaper in general than a year ago and as much as 65 percent lower on certain kinds of TVs. There’s growing speculation that the season will start off strong on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, with eye-opening deals, particularly on plasma TVs.

Analysts say it’s unlikely TV prices will drop much lower in 2008, so there’s little point in waiting for better bargains next year. True, predictions for less-severe price drops in 2007 haven’t panned out, but this time they could be on the money. According to DisplaySearch presient Ross Young, much of the price cutting we’ve seen this year resulted from a perfect storm of events late in 2006, “where we had too much panel supply, too many brands and too many retailers.”

secondact.com offers consumers study on HDTV and others related products and also gives best deals to buy them.

for these Holiday Season you can find better and best deals at secondact.com

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Friday, October 12, 2007

Cricketology mania

In India Cricket is something which people pray for india to win...all people in here watch cricket with lot of enthuciasm and lot of passion..

I was browsing through some of the videos of cricket from which i found this video..

Friday, October 05, 2007

Microsoft Zune market adoption

Zune Black 30GB has been introduced in the market by microsoft to capture a part of market share of mp3 player segment. It has been announced by microsoft on 14th Nov 2006, since then Microsoft has sold more than 1 million copies of zune.

Due to the annoucement of Zune2 in the market the price of Zune First Edition has been dropped by $50, Zune has lot of great features and it includes WIFI sharing and Radio as well.

The Zune First Edition has got new firmware upgrade 2.1 which has got all tweaks and UI similar to Zune 2 but not the new touch interface and the screen.

Shopping.com offers Zune Black starting from $100... shopping.com has various offers on electronic products

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Chennai public transport towards public comfort

The Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC) is launching is new Volvo air conditioned buses in Chennai. when i was reading newspaper i saw this launch news, but i didn't thought much on how the bus will look like..because there was no pictures....

When i was driving towards my office i saw a 19G bus.which was similar to bus i looked at Bangalore, good to see bus of this kind in Chennai. i don't no whether this buses are available locally for public transports in Mumbai,Delhi,Kolkatta etc. But i saw this buses in Bangalore.

Bangalore has got 4 of this buses, but now in chennai 10 buses are running in routes 21G, A18, 70, and 19 G from the information that i came across. i saw two buses on road 21G and 19 G.

Before When friends were comparing Chennai and Bangalore they somehow compare the availability of Volvo bus in Bangalore, but now Chennai has more equipped Volvo buses.It has got cameras,LCD's for drivers to control doors of who is getting in and going out and also it is disabled friendly..AC is required in Chennai, the humidity is high in Chennai and people traveling long distance get tired of high temperature..i dont no about the cost of the travel, i think it will be nominal and affordable..and there will be more buses in coming months..

Saturday, August 25, 2007

comic on iPhone hack

a comic strip on iPhone hacked by a teenager...

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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Chennai OpenCoffeeClub meet!!!! wow...

Hey its first meet and turned to be a very big meet wow....and we have decided to move out to some good places.....so many interested people turned out for the meet and it was awesome and great to meet lot of people.....

These meet took place @ Subway , G.N chetty Road, pretty small place for this kind of meet ...but was good for the first meet...but now all of them thought of switching to new places for the meet...

Reporter from The Hindu came to cover the meet...and you know what i was the youngest of all....he he !!!....sounds good na.... any way i am looking forward for the next meet...hoping to meet lot of entrepreneur ....any one who is an enterpreneur or VC or any one who like to do a startup....drop in there...

Monday, July 30, 2007

BarCamp Bangalore Day in and out

The Biggest BarCamp Ever....The BCB4(BarCamp Bangalore 4) is one of the biggest Barcamp...lot of enthusiastic folks...lot of collectives..and lot of experts and geeks....lot of networking..happened in two days........@IIM Bangalore...

here @BCB4 it was an experiment done on collective.......and people are giving an collective name for each domain and verticals they like ...here i will give what are the collectives covered in two days time in image format got from the wiki...

to have a clear view of the collective please click on the image to able to zoom in..

I was roaming around four collectives for most of the time...but also entered some of the collectives in the middle...any time any where...thats the spirit of the unconference..

I was going through internet collective,Ruby Collective, Startup Collective and Ajax collective..

The BCB4 made Difference....because of the introduction of Collectives.....there was unband collective...which was awesome ..at the end of the day...you enjoy the music and leave for the day...it made the difference...

People @ BCB4 started recognizing as TKF organizers....and also in those two days...i felt sick ...i dont know because of what...is it because of food...or something else...

i slept on BCB4 ruby collective for atleast 2 hours to get charged really tired ...any way 2 hrs sleep made me well....then i slept in train...so i m well now and writing a blogpost from my office...he he !!!

here are the few posts of mine as well as my friends which we took when we were @ BCB4...

there are more photos in flickr check out...(tag : BCB4)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

iPhone the touch..

Its been great to touch and feel and iphone...long time desire of buying an iphone was there...and for the past one year...I was in an around internet hunting for the post,spec,pics and videos of iphone...

The Desire of buying and iPhone will always be there....but as of now i have felt how it looks....

Great device will keep on pricing this device forever...

I was able to felt this @proto.in when Rohit Agarwal of TechTribe had one in his hand...

I tested many of its features works cool...and great visual and user Experience...waiting to buy one :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

iPhone Keyword Analysis

At the earliest when the "iphone" has been released the "iphone" keywords in Google reached top equal to ipod which in some more days would have surpassed the ipod keyword but after the announcement of release of iphone in June cause the drop in search traffic of "iphone" keyword ....then close by June the "iphone" keyword started increasing as the release date is close by...

I was going through Google trend analysis on apple,iphone,ipod and at the beginning of 2007 "iphone" keyword was dropping....and now the keyword search has again started increasing because the of the release date is close by..

According to google news the number of posts for the "iphone" keyword has been around 45000 which is enormous..

because of "iphone" the apple's traffic has been increased by 34%...according to results from hitwise...

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My Post in first page of google

Whoa!!!...my blog...is in first page of google search for "iphone demo" keyword... i realised this when i got more traffic from google search and it crossed all my expectation....

i never expected that the amount of traffic it will generate will be more and more when iphone lanuch is nearing by..everyone is looking to search for iphone demo....

anyway i think the more you right about a gadget that is more hyped,wonderful and is expected as the most beautiful than you can get more traffic...

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Jhoom Barabar Jhoom - A Review

Jhoom BarabarJhoom an Yash Production directed by Shaad Ali...not good as expected...i thought its a big starrer movie but no one is good for the story...the movie is too colourful and there are bigger sets...

I am not going to tell the story here...I am just going to tell you people that..Amitabh is just for the song Jhoom Bharabar Jhoom and the story is good when we come to know that .. abhishek and preity in movie are lying to each other to get time passed in railway station waiting for their friends and relatives...and they both fell in love...what a concept yaar...whoaa..

if you are watching movie for time pass then also its not watchable..I think it will be a hit because it is big banner production and because of all biggest actress and actors involved not because of the story...any just a time pass...

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Top Blog Posts - XII

1) eBuddy's User Experience - Techcrunch

          eBuddy has given its web Customer's a rich experience to use in mobile...a competitor for meebo who is competing for its market share...

2) Mercedes Benz Powered by Apple - Techcrunch

          Mercedes Benz is going to be powered by apple based navigation devices from 2009...look at the type of combination they both have in the market...Mercedes Benz for Car and Apple for Media...they both will make much of a difference..

3) Single Sign for You Tube with google Account and Vice : Digital Inspiration

          Google has included its service now to youtube...now you have single sign on for you tube and google...if you have no you tube account then you can use google account to login into youtube...google is heading towards a change..all were saying that openid is going to be single id for login...but i think in future google account is going to be single sign on for login...


Friday, June 15, 2007

Top Blog Posts - X


1) Search Video Clips using popular video sharing sites - Digital Inspiration

        Great product of the day...after youtube there are lot and lot of video sharing sites and youtube is the winner but.....you cant go to all the video sites and search for a video.....uLinkx.com does the searching of all sites at one place...cool one..

2) Sony Ericssons Biggest Phones : Gizmodo

        The iPhone trend has started ...after the release of iPhone...now mobile market leaders are competing for their market share...they launch product which is more effective then iPhone..but never release that cant beat iPhone...on user Experience..

3) Music Label and Carriers on iPhone - Techcrunch

             MusicStation and omnifone has signed deal with big music labels for selling music download for low costs...ultimately they never realized that iPhone is not only music its one of its features...and every one know that Apple is called the media...Entertainment comes along with Apple and iTunes is hot and sole to sell music...

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Top blog Posts - XI

1) Colorful Mp3 Player by philips - Gizmodo

         There are lots and lots of Mp3 player in the market and philips is one of them...and they are going to release couple of colorful Mp3 players which has the capacity of 1GB...

2) Search or view Browser History in a timeline - Digital Inspirations

          There are millions of users of Firefox and there are lot of extensions...for it...thumbstrips is one of the extensions which will let you to see the browser history in a timeline..

3) Newyork time on iPhone -Gizmodo

          NewYork times post on iPhone is about not having a mechanical interface with the phone....because if software makes problem then nothing will work....no software is perfect..

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Top Blog Posts - VIII


1) No Flash Support for the iPhone : Wirelessinfo

              The rumours about iphone says that there will be no flash support for the iPhone...i think its crazy buddy..there should be flash support for the iPhone because all high end device support iPhone and if there are youtube and other websites are browsed using iPhone...then you cant watch any video...Flash support should be there

2) Flickr goes multilingual : Techcrunch

               Flickr goes multilingual, an online biggest photo sharing service which was acquired by Yahoo is improving day by day in terms of users,traffic and content(photos).....and now it is there is seven different languages.

3) Philips Living Colors Lightings System : Gizmodo

              innovation doesn't happen only in web2.0...other industries are innovating at a much faster rate....philips has introduced color lighting system long time back...there are innovating with new type of displays...everytime a new look for home and hotels..

4) use Google talk and get Alexa Rank : Digital Inspiration

             Google Talk is improving day by day in terms of funtionality as such but not in terms of IDE...its simple but with greater user Experience now google supports alexa ranking and traffic search and whois domain name search...

5) Safari is not even fully tested : Digital Inspiration

             Safari the Apple's Browser is released in Apple WWDC without proper testing i think.......so its called half baked....i never thought a biggest giant in product market will release the product like this...before microsoft was always named for that and apple was not much thought because it releases the product with proper testing....now i think it is because of competition in the market its releasing very fast..instead of half baked if it is proper product then apple lovers will love it...

6) know the current article being read on your blog : Digital Inspiration

              So many Webstats web2.0 and software in the market but Whos.Amung.Us tooks different approach by showing the current live feed data of who is on and who is reading your blog...

7) google integrates powerpoint viewer : Techcrunch

              online office 2.0.... google and zoho are major competitor's of online office and both are fighting for its market share....and google has introduced powerpoint viewer integration to gmail ...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Top Blog Posts -VII


1) Apple introduces safari for windows : Apple

         Apple has introduced its safari browser for windows.I think apple has come to a fact that there are so many safari browser lovers who is working on windows and they want safari browser desperately for Windows...apple is adopting and moving along with the users like and dislike

2) iPhone to support 3rd Party Web2.0 Apps: Apple

         Some times back there was a rumor that apple will give SDK for developer to build app's for iPhone...now in Apple WWDC..Steve jobs has come to a conclusion that it will only support web2.0 third party App's.

3) Technorati Traffic Rain : Techcrunch

         Technorati Traffic is increasing day by day...there was 141% increase in traffic for technorati compared to last quarter..wow..

4) PayPerPost : VentureBeat

         PayPerPost has increased its funding by 7million more....i think its a good service for blogger which interest them to keep blog updated in there respective interest area...

5) ESPN acquired Cricinfo - Techcrunch

         ESPN acquired cricinfo.com the popular destination for cricket lovers...people everywhere in the world reach cricinfo.com to see the latest score if they are not watching the match Live...and will get lots and lots of traffic every day...

Monday, June 11, 2007

Top Blog Posts-VI


1) Changes in iPhone Since its Launch - Gizmodo

           Close Observation of what is changed in iPhone since its launch by Gizmodo....i have not seen the iPhone in that close observation that has been pointed out in Gizmodo...then i realized the each and every point of it...

2) One more Multi Touch Screen - TecheBlog

            After Microsoft announced its new Research product Microsoft surface..other competitors who where working on similar kind of products released to compete with the big giant...lets see what happens..

3) Linux Powered Phones - TecheBlog

                All the best Linux Powered phones in the market has been analyzed and the best has been mentioned here...the advantage of Linux powered phone is...the more you can built to exploit...

Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Boss is Here-Sivaji

I think most of you know him..any one who dont no him...he is the Boss...Rajini...Tamil Actor from Kollywood..but also do movies in hindi,telugu,kannada...

i think does'nt need an introduction as such...but formally introducing him with the Biggest Hyped name Sivaji..the Boss...

new movie that is going to be released in so many languages..as a whole lot of promos and Hypes round the corner regarding his movie..have lot of hoardings of Hutch in and around chennai regarding his movie and also all the bus ad's spots all filled with Sivaji's posters..

Hey you no wat not only that...go to google or youtube and search for Sivaji ...then you will find lot and lot of hypes...lot of fan made trailers...videos...promos...picture..in and around web...

not only that a big controversies about Audio Release of Sivaji...it was released in net before it was officially Released...and so many people were listening to Sivaji's songs before it was officially Released...and there has been rumours regarding the death of sound manager of Sivaji...dont no who was it...but some say that two mens were found dead in swimming pool in ECR road...

its the biggest hyped and biggest budget movie of the whole movie industry in india..lets see if it meets all out expectation...

Saturday, June 09, 2007

My First PodCast at PodWorks

                                           powered by ODEO

This is my first Podcast @ PodWorks with aswin anand ...trying to handle a question with him..and in between ramanujam disturbed me...anyway looks good...look for more...hey there are lot of noises in this podcasts because it was recorded when the event was going on...i cant able to reduce the noise...but will do properly from next..

PodWorks....gooo Podcasting

I am there @ podworks.in ..it has been kick started....every month a event....and a weekend goes off in these events...the good thing that happen was a new kind of burden or say enjoyment added to our day to day life...

first we had BarCamp...where we had kick started out day today technology updates..then comes BlogCamp...where we started writing Blogs...then Proto...where we started thinking as an Entrepreneur and starting thinking about innovation and web2.0 market...now its time for podcasting...and videocasting in terms of PodWorks....so one more thing i have to do...i thought lets have weekend for this and podcast my songs...my shayari's....etc...lets check out...how i am going to do about it...will look out from the next week...probably...find time from my work...etc...

Lets hope the number the podcasting sites in india goes up...because of intro and how to go about it...People here in PodWorks share a lot about editing,uploading,sharing etc...will update you more on this...

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Build Web Based Database App using Drag and Drop

PHPRunner4.0 Build Web Databases with Ease of Drag and Drop..XlineSoft has Released PHPRunner4.0 which enables us to Create a WebBased Database Connected App's with ease of Drag and Drop..looks cool...if you want to create a content aggregation from friends or reduces time of developing connecting to Database...then within few seconds just create the app's..use it and feel the difference..

iPhone Demo...looks wow


Wow...U look at this video and send me how the Device...no one can match the user Experience they get out of this Device...Hats Off to Apple 

Video has been Embedded from Dvd Ripper Copy

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Top Blog Posts-V


1) Microsoft Kitchen - techcrunch

             The fire of microsoft surface is not yet warmed a new product Microsoft kitchen which has got calendar...recipe collection...and also entertainment features...technology is going beyond the adoption...it will take long time to adapt..

2) AOL Feed Reader - techcrunch

              As web markets is concern there are google,AOL,yahoo and Microsoft and all are making continous impact by realeasing new product day in and out...so after google Feed Reader its now AOL...a new feed reader...the best part of it related to other feed readers is bookmarking part...

3) iPhone is going to Rock - Gizmodo

             Gizmodo has mentioned about the iPhone hands on and its experience...and i like the part of continuous firmware updates ..looks cool...daily update your experience..


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Top Blog Posts-IV


1) Create Photo Greeting cards with Flickr Picture: Digital Inspiration

       FlickrCash has a introduced a new online tool called pictureSandbox

which allows us to create Greeting Cards from the images we have in our Flickr account and add some text to it..

2) Solid Titanium iPod nano Case : Gizmodo

           Expensive iPod nano case made of solid titanium by kiwami Studios.It looks cool but costly..keep an eye...

3)Apple ]['s 30th Birthday : Gizmodo

       The Giant of media is 30...he he...gizmodo has mentioned about the Apple's Birthday and how he became the fan of apple

4) AMD creates ideal design for Media Pc's - Electronista

       AMD is showcasing its hardware's about the designs that can be made out of AMD's chipsets...Media PC is one of the AMD designs of how good a media PC can be made out of there hardwares..

5) 3D Browser by Spacetime - Techcrunch

       Newyork based Spacetime has create a Spacetime 3D ..Its a pure eye candy working in Spacetime 3D...experience it...


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Pod Works a week to go


     Hey you know what PodWorks is going to be held next week in Tidel Auditorium if you have enjoyed BlogCamp then it is one of its kind..The knowledge Foundation is kicking up an event a month and its going pretty cool...

    I am going to attend this and also going to enjoy the beach house party...

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Top Blog Posts-III

1)  Dynamic Charts or Graphs to Web page - Digital Inspiration

          Zoho has come up with a concept of uploading dynamic charts or Graphs in Picture format into web...cool if you have not installed flash its just a JPG image..

2) Major Relaunch of ASK.com - Techcrunch

          Ask.com the search engine is going to relaunch with lot of change tonight look forward to new dimension and new results on search..

3) All LG PRADA phone gets Free insurance - Gizmodo

              The costly price tag of $700 which is too costly to afford infront of iPhone which is best and you will be an insurance of $215 if it got damaged...too less..

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Monday, June 04, 2007

Top Blog Posts-II

1)Sony Ericsson P1i: - TecheBlog

- One more mobile in Sony Ericsson Lineup..Which is similar to M600i named p1i...both of them has close related Spec...both of them looks similar but difference in camera feature and look and feel

2) Convert Html WebPages to PDF format: - Digital Inspiration

- Best Products and Softwares in line-up...HP has realised the usability of webpage contents for the users...so they have come up with add-on for IE..smart print 2.0 for saving the WebPage content as PDF....

3)Key Chain Sized Mini Photo Album: - OhGizmo

- Wanna Carry your photo albums in your pocket then look at this...a korean based company Narae has introduces a small photo album 'Soban' which has got 128MB memory and can store 7000 images...wow....

4)iPhone Release date confirmed: - Engadget

- iPhone release date has been confirmed and it is going to release on 29th june...when its going to come in india waiting for it??

Friday, June 01, 2007

Top Blog Posts

1)Windows Live Writer Plugins - by Amit Agarwal

- to increase the blogging the blogging Experience the microsoft Live writer plugin alows you to increase the productivity in writing blog much faster and also on a fly connecting to various Web 2.0 sites like youtube etc.

2)Google Gears - Techcrunch

- Google gears a open source browser plugin for developing plugins for IE and firefox using javaScript API.

3)iphone Sold-ebay Watch - TecheBlog

- iPhone has been sold on ebay for $800 is it true..

Microsoft Surface the Future is here!!!

Have you looked at the Microsoft Surface video.wow i am witnessing a gadget which i have just seen in the imagination of movies.cant imagine its Real and the Device is awsome..you know one thing i am not wondering at the device...i am wondering at what kind of gadgets can be built with this kind of technology in the future..imagine a world with virtual room as shown in the movies where you can enter to control and Adminster your server and see the flow virtually...he he i am into different world...

I have been talking about this device to so many friends and wondering everyone comparing iPhone with this...you know what both are different with different technology...any way it was good amount of discussion on gadgets and fanatic apple and microsoft so enjoyed the Discussion to fuller extent.

iPhone is different from Surface both have there technology and working style differently..both devices are awsome at its ends...

iPhone has touch sensitive interface which detects the impression movement on the screen and does all the operation

Microsoft Surface does its operator based on objects movement about the screen by capturing it on a camera and projecting it on the screen...does the operation well and cool..

Think about the future trend how the gadgets and device will be???

Thursday, May 31, 2007

User Experience and iphone

Hey readers in a long run i have not been posting any post and loosing a lot of readers any way leave all that...In a long gap of days when i was not blogging but reading a lot of blogs day in and out and not writing any posts about what i like and dislike...but was bit busy and in the middle i posted that i will change my template and also blog about tutorials etc....but because of hectic work cant just go blogging....

but now on long run..i find blogging is neccessary and sharing whatever u read and u like while u reading is necessary....

so from now i will be posting all the interesting links that i read daily collect them and post it here with few gossipings and also products likings and others whatever i can....
while in the busy time played little bit in and around with Ruby on Rails...Working on Netweaver(SAP,ABAP,EP) and on and on...

little bit about new gossips happening...etc...Lets kick it off from today and i will post continuosly and keep you on the trend towards new generation...blah!blah!..

ok i think wasted your precious timing by blabbering so many things lets get into serious gadget talks


Everyone would be thinking you just know about iphone...i m well past u...nope..i know about and seeing iphone from the past and had also posted about iphones..

what i m going to talk about is...have u really realised the iphones motive..u have seen and visualized so many phones having better features than iphones..then why its so costly and worth buying and has it doesnt has got the best features

i will tell u....from my view do u think you use all the best cell phone features that have provided in the phone you bought...iphone has the best basic features that u use normally on a phone but with better usability visualization and better way to handle.

if u think in deeply....u will see that the phone contact display feature and scrolling feature is the need in feature for you in a phone instead of typing words and searching words..but good damn feature to start with......secondly you see the sms feature and chat feature which has got keyboard in touch panel to chat and sms in faster way and handle things....best music feature with lot of storage u want to listen to your favourites and also to store....2 MP camera more than enough to take good quality pictures and u can store a lot in 4GB and 8GB space.....photo scrolling and display features and Browsing....wow browsing is awsome as far as i saw when compared to other browsers....has got other basics features too

got all gadgets required....now it may be possible to add third party apps....what else you need...do u use more features than these..i dont think so..........which is why it has been build for user experience rather than just a phone experience...not like other phones in the market...

the other high end models and touch screen models available in the market gives u the touch experience or the features not the user experience you can actually want to use and feel...

hope looks good for u people...if u like the experience u will feel in these gadget share the experience...

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Air Show Chennai

Friday, March 23, 2007

Zoho Zoho Zohoooooooooo!!!!minutes of Meeting

Zoho is Back with one more powerful tool that will help each and every one online to share...collaborate....learn....teach....coordinate...anything you name it it helps.....in this web 2.0 scenario........

Zoho Meeting on Vimeo

Zoho meeting has got lot features including sharing desktops...presentation...Recording ....here you can present demo to clients ...from your place by just installing a activex controller and others have to have a flash player..so that they can colloborate....

In Web 2.0 world for the past one year zoho is releasing a lot of products and all the products has got lot of features which is directly competing with big giants like google and microsoft but zoho beats them all...this products zoho meeting will be helpful for tutors as well they can teach anyone with live demo online....isn't cool stuff.........now i have found a tool which can allow me to learn and teach online.......wow!!!...

Lets wait for one more product in zoho lineup........

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Presenting the new blog....blog.moyeen.net

As change in revolution is happening day by day....a change in blog structure along with content is going to be witnessed in this blog...where i will be updating reviews about...gadgets,software and technologies along with tutorials about rails,netbeans,j2me,.net and other stuff....

so the new blog address is going to be blog.moyeen.net which is the new blog address of this blog...I am going to continue with the blogspot server since i have been using it for longer time...but going to move to a new template and a new updating model..

me and aswin anand booked domain moyeen.net and aswinanand.com to make a new begining of some problems that has occurred...lets forget all these and have a new begining of gadgetry and tutorial flows thats going to come in coming months...

please feel free to comment on various things u need and what are ur likes and dislikes in the future posts to overcome the dislikes...

looking forward for new opening with new contents...

Friday, March 02, 2007

Aswin's slip of the tongue...he he!!

On Saturday Evening me and Aswin anand went to marina beach....second biggest beach in the world...we were just discussing about some topics....technical and out Hyderabad tour stuff...in the mean while two girls was there who just reached the beach and one of them who was very pretty told "Hey Do u know what!!!beach le kalle irrukathu(in beach there wont be stones)"....aswin instantly....he was no where in his mind...he replied 'Appadiya'(ohH really!!) ...aswin was not that kind of person who will talk or comment to a girl without talking to her or knowing about her....but this instant was very shocking....i was just reacting to his reply (Daiii.....Daiii...) enna ithu (..oii what is this)...He was replying that it came off instantly...

Girl's Reaction.... Girl was just moving towards the side and was constantly stairing aswin....i was just watching her staire aswin....i told aswin that she is constantly stairing at you...he was no way to bother about that....for each and every minute she was just turning and stairing towards us....after some time me and aswin completed our conversation and starting moving to get a corn and i told him lets turn around and go near to them and move towards the bike....he told ok lets go...after reaching near to them....the girl showted 'Helloooo!!!' aswin was just smiling and He Said 'Hiiii!!!' he was like :) till we reached bike...and lot of things continued...

Sunday, February 25, 2007

WikiCamp the Beginning of Wiki...Kick Started!!q

Whoa!!!!!WikiCamp has been kick started by the Unconferenced Keynotes from Jimmy Wales....what a start people are just crazy about jimmy wales taking snaps with him..talking to him....here come's me blogging after long time have been involved in lot of work with my professional stuff...tats blah!!blah!!...so i m back.....after returning from hyderabad been to sun tech days ....cool conference...ennjoyed to be there in hyderabad lot of learning...lot of social community stuff....will Blog about the Sun tech Days...and We Won Programming Contest using NetBeans IDE...about that later till then WikiCamp Stuff Continues...

So here Jimmy Wales Talking about the various thing that is related to wikipedia,wikia and Wiki Search............seems interesting...making too better stuff with the user generated content and involvement of people in making a new world of knowledge...lots of questions......

there are so many people involved with wikipedia stuff came here to enlighten crowds whatever wikipedia stuff they know.....
The Day Proceeded with the Press Meet of Jimmy Wales ...then various sessions comparing Wiki and Blog ...Blah!!Blah!!.....interesting one was from narain about the Semantic Web 2.0 which is not much related to Wiki Stuff...but looked interesting learned some stuff out of that...whoa!!!!lots of fun...lots of enjoyment its over...with this cool snap that came out in Hindu...

After WikiCamp was rapped up all the things that u can see in the photo...all the chairs and tables were moved to the respective place...because these were arranged by all organisers...cool stuff wat a coordination each and every one put to make these possible..later everyone signed of the board with lot quotes........ The picture i have shown is wat Jimmy has Wrote,...

Later we moved out for Dinner to the Farm House in the ECR Road......5 cars.......26 people...one place...fully crowded with lot of discussions happening.....

hey!!!! i forgot one thing....3 persons who are making a shot film on Jimmy Wales came from canada...named underdogpictures were really active catching up all the conversation that is happening related to Jimmy Wales...in audio as well as video format... Here is the Pic that has been shot at Restaurant were we had lot of discussion....

so end of wikicamp.....story of the day........

my blog post after a long time........

so within few days wait for more...

i will be actively writing.....till then...:)