Friday, June 15, 2007

Top Blog Posts - X


1) Search Video Clips using popular video sharing sites - Digital Inspiration

        Great product of the day...after youtube there are lot and lot of video sharing sites and youtube is the winner cant go to all the video sites and search for a does the searching of all sites at one one..

2) Sony Ericssons Biggest Phones : Gizmodo

        The iPhone trend has started ...after the release of mobile market leaders are competing for their market share...they launch product which is more effective then iPhone..but never release that cant beat iPhone...on user Experience..

3) Music Label and Carriers on iPhone - Techcrunch

             MusicStation and omnifone has signed deal with big music labels for selling music download for low costs...ultimately they never realized that iPhone is not only music its one of its features...and every one know that Apple is called the media...Entertainment comes along with Apple and iTunes is hot and sole to sell music...

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Top blog Posts - XI

1) Colorful Mp3 Player by philips - Gizmodo

         There are lots and lots of Mp3 player in the market and philips is one of them...and they are going to release couple of colorful Mp3 players which has the capacity of 1GB...

2) Search or view Browser History in a timeline - Digital Inspirations

          There are millions of users of Firefox and there are lot of extensions...for it...thumbstrips is one of the extensions which will let you to see the browser history in a timeline..

3) Newyork time on iPhone -Gizmodo

          NewYork times post on iPhone is about not having a mechanical interface with the phone....because if software makes problem then nothing will software is perfect..

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Top Blog Posts - VIII


1) No Flash Support for the iPhone : Wirelessinfo

              The rumours about iphone says that there will be no flash support for the iPhone...i think its crazy buddy..there should be flash support for the iPhone because all high end device support iPhone and if there are youtube and other websites are browsed using iPhone...then you cant watch any video...Flash support should be there

2) Flickr goes multilingual : Techcrunch

               Flickr goes multilingual, an online biggest photo sharing service which was acquired by Yahoo is improving day by day in terms of users,traffic and content(photos).....and now it is there is seven different languages.

3) Philips Living Colors Lightings System : Gizmodo

              innovation doesn't happen only in web2.0...other industries are innovating at a much faster has introduced color lighting system long time back...there are innovating with new type of displays...everytime a new look for home and hotels..

4) use Google talk and get Alexa Rank : Digital Inspiration

             Google Talk is improving day by day in terms of funtionality as such but not in terms of IDE...its simple but with greater user Experience now google supports alexa ranking and traffic search and whois domain name search...

5) Safari is not even fully tested : Digital Inspiration

             Safari the Apple's Browser is released in Apple WWDC without proper testing i its called half baked....i never thought a biggest giant in product market will release the product like this...before microsoft was always named for that and apple was not much thought because it releases the product with proper i think it is because of competition in the market its releasing very fast..instead of half baked if it is proper product then apple lovers will love it...

6) know the current article being read on your blog : Digital Inspiration

              So many Webstats web2.0 and software in the market but Whos.Amung.Us tooks different approach by showing the current live feed data of who is on and who is reading your blog...

7) google integrates powerpoint viewer : Techcrunch

              online office 2.0.... google and zoho are major competitor's of online office and both are fighting for its market share....and google has introduced powerpoint viewer integration to gmail ...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Top Blog Posts -VII


1) Apple introduces safari for windows : Apple

         Apple has introduced its safari browser for windows.I think apple has come to a fact that there are so many safari browser lovers who is working on windows and they want safari browser desperately for is adopting and moving along with the users like and dislike

2) iPhone to support 3rd Party Web2.0 Apps: Apple

         Some times back there was a rumor that apple will give SDK for developer to build app's for in Apple WWDC..Steve jobs has come to a conclusion that it will only support web2.0 third party App's.

3) Technorati Traffic Rain : Techcrunch

         Technorati Traffic is increasing day by day...there was 141% increase in traffic for technorati compared to last

4) PayPerPost : VentureBeat

         PayPerPost has increased its funding by 7million more....i think its a good service for blogger which interest them to keep blog updated in there respective interest area...

5) ESPN acquired Cricinfo - Techcrunch

         ESPN acquired the popular destination for cricket lovers...people everywhere in the world reach to see the latest score if they are not watching the match Live...and will get lots and lots of traffic every day...

Monday, June 11, 2007

Top Blog Posts-VI


1) Changes in iPhone Since its Launch - Gizmodo

           Close Observation of what is changed in iPhone since its launch by Gizmodo....i have not seen the iPhone in that close observation that has been pointed out in Gizmodo...then i realized the each and every point of it...

2) One more Multi Touch Screen - TecheBlog

            After Microsoft announced its new Research product Microsoft surface..other competitors who where working on similar kind of products released to compete with the big giant...lets see what happens..

3) Linux Powered Phones - TecheBlog

                All the best Linux Powered phones in the market has been analyzed and the best has been mentioned here...the advantage of Linux powered phone is...the more you can built to exploit...

Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Boss is Here-Sivaji

I think most of you know him..any one who dont no him...he is the Boss...Rajini...Tamil Actor from Kollywood..but also do movies in hindi,telugu,kannada...

i think does'nt need an introduction as such...but formally introducing him with the Biggest Hyped name Sivaji..the Boss...

new movie that is going to be released in so many a whole lot of promos and Hypes round the corner regarding his movie..have lot of hoardings of Hutch in and around chennai regarding his movie and also all the bus ad's spots all filled with Sivaji's posters..

Hey you no wat not only that...go to google or youtube and search for Sivaji ...then you will find lot and lot of hypes...lot of fan made and around web...

not only that a big controversies about Audio Release of was released in net before it was officially Released...and so many people were listening to Sivaji's songs before it was officially Released...and there has been rumours regarding the death of sound manager of Sivaji...dont no who was it...but some say that two mens were found dead in swimming pool in ECR road...

its the biggest hyped and biggest budget movie of the whole movie industry in india..lets see if it meets all out expectation...