Monday, June 18, 2007

Top Blog Posts - XII

1) eBuddy's User Experience - Techcrunch

          eBuddy has given its web Customer's a rich experience to use in mobile...a competitor for meebo who is competing for its market share...

2) Mercedes Benz Powered by Apple - Techcrunch

          Mercedes Benz is going to be powered by apple based navigation devices from 2009...look at the type of combination they both have in the market...Mercedes Benz for Car and Apple for Media...they both will make much of a difference..

3) Single Sign for You Tube with google Account and Vice : Digital Inspiration

          Google has included its service now to you have single sign on for you tube and google...if you have no you tube account then you can use google account to login into is heading towards a change..all were saying that openid is going to be single id for login...but i think in future google account is going to be single sign on for login...


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