Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Chennai public transport towards public comfort

The Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC) is launching is new Volvo air conditioned buses in Chennai. when i was reading newspaper i saw this launch news, but i didn't thought much on how the bus will look like..because there was no pictures....

When i was driving towards my office i saw a 19G bus.which was similar to bus i looked at Bangalore, good to see bus of this kind in Chennai. i don't no whether this buses are available locally for public transports in Mumbai,Delhi,Kolkatta etc. But i saw this buses in Bangalore.

Bangalore has got 4 of this buses, but now in chennai 10 buses are running in routes 21G, A18, 70, and 19 G from the information that i came across. i saw two buses on road 21G and 19 G.

Before When friends were comparing Chennai and Bangalore they somehow compare the availability of Volvo bus in Bangalore, but now Chennai has more equipped Volvo buses.It has got cameras,LCD's for drivers to control doors of who is getting in and going out and also it is disabled friendly..AC is required in Chennai, the humidity is high in Chennai and people traveling long distance get tired of high temperature..i dont no about the cost of the travel, i think it will be nominal and affordable..and there will be more buses in coming months..


Dollar $ab said...

that was a good piece of information...hope chennai gets better and better

A.K.Ravishankar said...

Also through these services and recently launched Blue/Yellow buses,MTC makes much profit yaar..

Mohammed Moyeen.A said...

@ $ab

thank you..


They make profit thats on the other side...but they have lot of options for commuters and also they feel about there customer satisfaction..

reshma M said...
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indhu M said...
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