Friday, June 01, 2007

Microsoft Surface the Future is here!!!

Have you looked at the Microsoft Surface i am witnessing a gadget which i have just seen in the imagination of movies.cant imagine its Real and the Device is know one thing i am not wondering at the device...i am wondering at what kind of gadgets can be built with this kind of technology in the future..imagine a world with virtual room as shown in the movies where you can enter to control and Adminster your server and see the flow virtually...he he i am into different world...

I have been talking about this device to so many friends and wondering everyone comparing iPhone with know what both are different with different technology...any way it was good amount of discussion on gadgets and fanatic apple and microsoft so enjoyed the Discussion to fuller extent.

iPhone is different from Surface both have there technology and working style differently..both devices are awsome at its ends...

iPhone has touch sensitive interface which detects the impression movement on the screen and does all the operation

Microsoft Surface does its operator based on objects movement about the screen by capturing it on a camera and projecting it on the screen...does the operation well and cool..

Think about the future trend how the gadgets and device will be???

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