Friday, June 01, 2007

Top Blog Posts

1)Windows Live Writer Plugins - by Amit Agarwal

- to increase the blogging the blogging Experience the microsoft Live writer plugin alows you to increase the productivity in writing blog much faster and also on a fly connecting to various Web 2.0 sites like youtube etc.

2)Google Gears - Techcrunch

- Google gears a open source browser plugin for developing plugins for IE and firefox using javaScript API.

3)iphone Sold-ebay Watch - TecheBlog

- iPhone has been sold on ebay for $800 is it true..

Microsoft Surface the Future is here!!!

Have you looked at the Microsoft Surface i am witnessing a gadget which i have just seen in the imagination of movies.cant imagine its Real and the Device is know one thing i am not wondering at the device...i am wondering at what kind of gadgets can be built with this kind of technology in the future..imagine a world with virtual room as shown in the movies where you can enter to control and Adminster your server and see the flow virtually...he he i am into different world...

I have been talking about this device to so many friends and wondering everyone comparing iPhone with know what both are different with different technology...any way it was good amount of discussion on gadgets and fanatic apple and microsoft so enjoyed the Discussion to fuller extent.

iPhone is different from Surface both have there technology and working style differently..both devices are awsome at its ends...

iPhone has touch sensitive interface which detects the impression movement on the screen and does all the operation

Microsoft Surface does its operator based on objects movement about the screen by capturing it on a camera and projecting it on the screen...does the operation well and cool..

Think about the future trend how the gadgets and device will be???

Thursday, May 31, 2007

User Experience and iphone

Hey readers in a long run i have not been posting any post and loosing a lot of readers any way leave all that...In a long gap of days when i was not blogging but reading a lot of blogs day in and out and not writing any posts about what i like and dislike...but was bit busy and in the middle i posted that i will change my template and also blog about tutorials etc....but because of hectic work cant just go blogging....

but now on long run..i find blogging is neccessary and sharing whatever u read and u like while u reading is necessary....

so from now i will be posting all the interesting links that i read daily collect them and post it here with few gossipings and also products likings and others whatever i can....
while in the busy time played little bit in and around with Ruby on Rails...Working on Netweaver(SAP,ABAP,EP) and on and on...

little bit about new gossips happening...etc...Lets kick it off from today and i will post continuosly and keep you on the trend towards new generation...blah!blah!..

ok i think wasted your precious timing by blabbering so many things lets get into serious gadget talks


Everyone would be thinking you just know about iphone...i m well past u...nope..i know about and seeing iphone from the past and had also posted about iphones..

what i m going to talk about is...have u really realised the iphones motive..u have seen and visualized so many phones having better features than iphones..then why its so costly and worth buying and has it doesnt has got the best features

i will tell u....from my view do u think you use all the best cell phone features that have provided in the phone you bought...iphone has the best basic features that u use normally on a phone but with better usability visualization and better way to handle.

if u think in deeply....u will see that the phone contact display feature and scrolling feature is the need in feature for you in a phone instead of typing words and searching words..but good damn feature to start with......secondly you see the sms feature and chat feature which has got keyboard in touch panel to chat and sms in faster way and handle music feature with lot of storage u want to listen to your favourites and also to store....2 MP camera more than enough to take good quality pictures and u can store a lot in 4GB and 8GB scrolling and display features and browsing is awsome as far as i saw when compared to other browsers....has got other basics features too

got all gadgets it may be possible to add third party apps....what else you u use more features than these..i dont think so..........which is why it has been build for user experience rather than just a phone experience...not like other phones in the market...

the other high end models and touch screen models available in the market gives u the touch experience or the features not the user experience you can actually want to use and feel...

hope looks good for u people...if u like the experience u will feel in these gadget share the experience...