Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Touch

Day Before yesterday I was Riding my bike to go to my friend house, on the way i saw a beautiful girl , She was so beautiful like an angel , she was standing on the side of the Road, I dont no what happened to me , I stopped my bike and was watching her for a long time.

Then I started walking towards her, and reached the opposite side of the Road where she was standing, I just cant stop watching her,after some time she got a call......, after that she came close to me and said hello and shaked hand with me,than asked me can u please tell me where is vitan.......,I was holding her hand and not Leaving it , and showed her where vitan is........, then she left my hand and started walking.....,the instant when she left my hand i got up and i saw that i was in my Dream...... But the touch i cant forget and left in my remembrance......