Friday, June 15, 2007

Top Blog Posts - X


1) Search Video Clips using popular video sharing sites - Digital Inspiration

        Great product of the day...after youtube there are lot and lot of video sharing sites and youtube is the winner cant go to all the video sites and search for a does the searching of all sites at one one..

2) Sony Ericssons Biggest Phones : Gizmodo

        The iPhone trend has started ...after the release of mobile market leaders are competing for their market share...they launch product which is more effective then iPhone..but never release that cant beat iPhone...on user Experience..

3) Music Label and Carriers on iPhone - Techcrunch

             MusicStation and omnifone has signed deal with big music labels for selling music download for low costs...ultimately they never realized that iPhone is not only music its one of its features...and every one know that Apple is called the media...Entertainment comes along with Apple and iTunes is hot and sole to sell music...

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