Saturday, November 03, 2007

HDTV hot Gadget these Holiday Season

If you’ve had a big-screen flat-panel HDTV in your sights for a while, it looks like this fall will be a great time to pull the trigger.

Prices this holiday season are expected to hit an all-time low, about 40 percent cheaper in general than a year ago and as much as 65 percent lower on certain kinds of TVs. There’s growing speculation that the season will start off strong on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, with eye-opening deals, particularly on plasma TVs.

Analysts say it’s unlikely TV prices will drop much lower in 2008, so there’s little point in waiting for better bargains next year. True, predictions for less-severe price drops in 2007 haven’t panned out, but this time they could be on the money. According to DisplaySearch presient Ross Young, much of the price cutting we’ve seen this year resulted from a perfect storm of events late in 2006, “where we had too much panel supply, too many brands and too many retailers.” offers consumers study on HDTV and others related products and also gives best deals to buy them.

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