Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Top Blog Posts -VII


1) Apple introduces safari for windows : Apple

         Apple has introduced its safari browser for windows.I think apple has come to a fact that there are so many safari browser lovers who is working on windows and they want safari browser desperately for Windows...apple is adopting and moving along with the users like and dislike

2) iPhone to support 3rd Party Web2.0 Apps: Apple

         Some times back there was a rumor that apple will give SDK for developer to build app's for iPhone...now in Apple WWDC..Steve jobs has come to a conclusion that it will only support web2.0 third party App's.

3) Technorati Traffic Rain : Techcrunch

         Technorati Traffic is increasing day by day...there was 141% increase in traffic for technorati compared to last quarter..wow..

4) PayPerPost : VentureBeat

         PayPerPost has increased its funding by 7million more....i think its a good service for blogger which interest them to keep blog updated in there respective interest area...

5) ESPN acquired Cricinfo - Techcrunch

         ESPN acquired cricinfo.com the popular destination for cricket lovers...people everywhere in the world reach cricinfo.com to see the latest score if they are not watching the match Live...and will get lots and lots of traffic every day...

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