Saturday, June 09, 2007

My First PodCast at PodWorks

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This is my first Podcast @ PodWorks with aswin anand ...trying to handle a question with him..and in between ramanujam disturbed me...anyway looks good...look for more...hey there are lot of noises in this podcasts because it was recorded when the event was going on...i cant able to reduce the noise...but will do properly from next..

PodWorks....gooo Podcasting

I am there @ has been kick started....every month a event....and a weekend goes off in these events...the good thing that happen was a new kind of burden or say enjoyment added to our day to day life...

first we had BarCamp...where we had kick started out day today technology updates..then comes BlogCamp...where we started writing Blogs...then Proto...where we started thinking as an Entrepreneur and starting thinking about innovation and web2.0 its time for podcasting...and videocasting in terms of one more thing i have to do...i thought lets have weekend for this and podcast my shayari's....etc...lets check i am going to do about it...will look out from the next week...probably...find time from my work...etc...

Lets hope the number the podcasting sites in india goes up...because of intro and how to go about it...People here in PodWorks share a lot about editing,uploading,sharing etc...will update you more on this...

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Build Web Based Database App using Drag and Drop

PHPRunner4.0 Build Web Databases with Ease of Drag and Drop..XlineSoft has Released PHPRunner4.0 which enables us to Create a WebBased Database Connected App's with ease of Drag and Drop..looks cool...if you want to create a content aggregation from friends or reduces time of developing connecting to Database...then within few seconds just create the app's..use it and feel the difference..

iPhone Demo...looks wow


Wow...U look at this video and send me how the one can match the user Experience they get out of this Device...Hats Off to Apple 

Video has been Embedded from Dvd Ripper Copy

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Top Blog Posts-V


1) Microsoft Kitchen - techcrunch

             The fire of microsoft surface is not yet warmed a new product Microsoft kitchen which has got calendar...recipe collection...and also entertainment is going beyond the will take long time to adapt..

2) AOL Feed Reader - techcrunch

              As web markets is concern there are google,AOL,yahoo and Microsoft and all are making continous impact by realeasing new product day in and after google Feed Reader its now AOL...a new feed reader...the best part of it related to other feed readers is bookmarking part...

3) iPhone is going to Rock - Gizmodo

             Gizmodo has mentioned about the iPhone hands on and its experience...and i like the part of continuous firmware updates ..looks cool...daily update your experience..


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Top Blog Posts-IV


1) Create Photo Greeting cards with Flickr Picture: Digital Inspiration

       FlickrCash has a introduced a new online tool called pictureSandbox

which allows us to create Greeting Cards from the images we have in our Flickr account and add some text to it..

2) Solid Titanium iPod nano Case : Gizmodo

           Expensive iPod nano case made of solid titanium by kiwami Studios.It looks cool but costly..keep an eye...

3)Apple ]['s 30th Birthday : Gizmodo

       The Giant of media is 30...he he...gizmodo has mentioned about the Apple's Birthday and how he became the fan of apple

4) AMD creates ideal design for Media Pc's - Electronista

       AMD is showcasing its hardware's about the designs that can be made out of AMD's chipsets...Media PC is one of the AMD designs of how good a media PC can be made out of there hardwares..

5) 3D Browser by Spacetime - Techcrunch

       Newyork based Spacetime has create a Spacetime 3D ..Its a pure eye candy working in Spacetime 3D...experience it...


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Pod Works a week to go


     Hey you know what PodWorks is going to be held next week in Tidel Auditorium if you have enjoyed BlogCamp then it is one of its kind..The knowledge Foundation is kicking up an event a month and its going pretty cool...

    I am going to attend this and also going to enjoy the beach house party...

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Top Blog Posts-III

1)  Dynamic Charts or Graphs to Web page - Digital Inspiration

          Zoho has come up with a concept of uploading dynamic charts or Graphs in Picture format into if you have not installed flash its just a JPG image..

2) Major Relaunch of - Techcrunch

 the search engine is going to relaunch with lot of change tonight look forward to new dimension and new results on search..

3) All LG PRADA phone gets Free insurance - Gizmodo

              The costly price tag of $700 which is too costly to afford infront of iPhone which is best and you will be an insurance of $215 if it got damaged...too less..

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Monday, June 04, 2007

Top Blog Posts-II

1)Sony Ericsson P1i: - TecheBlog

- One more mobile in Sony Ericsson Lineup..Which is similar to M600i named p1i...both of them has close related Spec...both of them looks similar but difference in camera feature and look and feel

2) Convert Html WebPages to PDF format: - Digital Inspiration

- Best Products and Softwares in line-up...HP has realised the usability of webpage contents for the they have come up with add-on for print 2.0 for saving the WebPage content as PDF....

3)Key Chain Sized Mini Photo Album: - OhGizmo

- Wanna Carry your photo albums in your pocket then look at this...a korean based company Narae has introduces a small photo album 'Soban' which has got 128MB memory and can store 7000

4)iPhone Release date confirmed: - Engadget

- iPhone release date has been confirmed and it is going to release on 29th june...when its going to come in india waiting for it??