Monday, June 04, 2007

Top Blog Posts-II

1)Sony Ericsson P1i: - TecheBlog

- One more mobile in Sony Ericsson Lineup..Which is similar to M600i named p1i...both of them has close related Spec...both of them looks similar but difference in camera feature and look and feel

2) Convert Html WebPages to PDF format: - Digital Inspiration

- Best Products and Softwares in line-up...HP has realised the usability of webpage contents for the they have come up with add-on for print 2.0 for saving the WebPage content as PDF....

3)Key Chain Sized Mini Photo Album: - OhGizmo

- Wanna Carry your photo albums in your pocket then look at this...a korean based company Narae has introduces a small photo album 'Soban' which has got 128MB memory and can store 7000

4)iPhone Release date confirmed: - Engadget

- iPhone release date has been confirmed and it is going to release on 29th june...when its going to come in india waiting for it??

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