Wednesday, June 27, 2007

iPhone Keyword Analysis

At the earliest when the "iphone" has been released the "iphone" keywords in Google reached top equal to ipod which in some more days would have surpassed the ipod keyword but after the announcement of release of iphone in June cause the drop in search traffic of "iphone" keyword ....then close by June the "iphone" keyword started increasing as the release date is close by...

I was going through Google trend analysis on apple,iphone,ipod and at the beginning of 2007 "iphone" keyword was dropping....and now the keyword search has again started increasing because the of the release date is close by..

According to google news the number of posts for the "iphone" keyword has been around 45000 which is enormous..

because of "iphone" the apple's traffic has been increased by 34%...according to results from hitwise...

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