Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Top Blog Posts - VIII


1) No Flash Support for the iPhone : Wirelessinfo

              The rumours about iphone says that there will be no flash support for the iPhone...i think its crazy buddy..there should be flash support for the iPhone because all high end device support iPhone and if there are youtube and other websites are browsed using iPhone...then you cant watch any video...Flash support should be there

2) Flickr goes multilingual : Techcrunch

               Flickr goes multilingual, an online biggest photo sharing service which was acquired by Yahoo is improving day by day in terms of users,traffic and content(photos).....and now it is there is seven different languages.

3) Philips Living Colors Lightings System : Gizmodo

              innovation doesn't happen only in web2.0...other industries are innovating at a much faster has introduced color lighting system long time back...there are innovating with new type of displays...everytime a new look for home and hotels..

4) use Google talk and get Alexa Rank : Digital Inspiration

             Google Talk is improving day by day in terms of funtionality as such but not in terms of IDE...its simple but with greater user Experience now google supports alexa ranking and traffic search and whois domain name search...

5) Safari is not even fully tested : Digital Inspiration

             Safari the Apple's Browser is released in Apple WWDC without proper testing i its called half baked....i never thought a biggest giant in product market will release the product like this...before microsoft was always named for that and apple was not much thought because it releases the product with proper i think it is because of competition in the market its releasing very fast..instead of half baked if it is proper product then apple lovers will love it...

6) know the current article being read on your blog : Digital Inspiration

              So many Webstats web2.0 and software in the market but Whos.Amung.Us tooks different approach by showing the current live feed data of who is on and who is reading your blog...

7) google integrates powerpoint viewer : Techcrunch

              online office 2.0.... google and zoho are major competitor's of online office and both are fighting for its market share....and google has introduced powerpoint viewer integration to gmail ...

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