Sunday, October 08, 2006 Traffic will slow down because of searchings the new google ajax based mashing search engine which has entered the web to get rid of all other search engine.
The search engine has been built by one of the employees of google.which has got very cool and interactive ways of searching keywords from the web in a much faster and interactive way than does.why because there is only one pageload that we have to do for the keyword and the rest ajax takes care of it.
what attracts you to move towards searchmash?
url menu:

This featue makes us to do whatever we did when we want to continue search or make a copy of it or opening it in a new windows...makes things easier...

image results:

the image list based on keywords and it has also got ajax based interface for load..

Reorder Results:

Have you ever rearranged your search results based on your preferrence.....searchmash allows you to reorder your results so that it is arrange based on your priority..

More Result bar:

There is one more link more web pages makes you get the page scroll down get more results of your search keywords....

These serach is much faster and much simpler the which makes your life more always Rocks