Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Top Blog Posts-IV


1) Create Photo Greeting cards with Flickr Picture: Digital Inspiration

       FlickrCash has a introduced a new online tool called pictureSandbox

which allows us to create Greeting Cards from the images we have in our Flickr account and add some text to it..

2) Solid Titanium iPod nano Case : Gizmodo

           Expensive iPod nano case made of solid titanium by kiwami Studios.It looks cool but costly..keep an eye...

3)Apple ]['s 30th Birthday : Gizmodo

       The Giant of media is 30...he he...gizmodo has mentioned about the Apple's Birthday and how he became the fan of apple

4) AMD creates ideal design for Media Pc's - Electronista

       AMD is showcasing its hardware's about the designs that can be made out of AMD's chipsets...Media PC is one of the AMD designs of how good a media PC can be made out of there hardwares..

5) 3D Browser by Spacetime - Techcrunch

       Newyork based Spacetime has create a Spacetime 3D ..Its a pure eye candy working in Spacetime 3D...experience it...


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