Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Blogger Beta Hacks

all of them who are using blogger beta templates have been trying to get three column templates and also tried to add javascript widgets above and below post.Here i will tell you the step to hack blogger beta to get three column templates and also to add widgets were ever you want.
These are the sample screenshots of templates build by hacking into blogger beta..
step :1-

First u have to add the css for new sidebar with float:left

Step -2:-

next is to add left sidebar in the body content so u have to add the same code expect change the css file.


Next is to modify showaddelement="yes"...which will allow u to add new javascript codes...

To arrange it perfectly u have to change the pixel arrangement in Css and modify based on your use..


Anonymous said...

Why hard-to-read screenshots instead of pasting the pre-formatted code?

Mohammed Moyeen.A said...

@Leandro GuimarĂ£es Faria Corcete DUTRA

click on the image to see the complete code dude...

Anonymous said...

Can this bedone on all 2 column templates available at Blogger? I triedit out on Rounders3..did not work!

Jeff Montgomery said...

Thats great, will use on a few of my new Blogger blogs!