Thursday, April 27, 2006

Yahoo beta Testing ka mazaa

Want to test Yahoo Beta? Here is a 2 minute step vice procedure to get what you want.

1) Log on to your yahoo mail.

2) On the right top corner you will find "Options". Click it.

3) Click on Account Information on the left hand side bar.

4) Click ont he 'edit' tab at 'Member Information section' and go to general preferences (Third section from top).

5) Click on preffered content and select Germany, France or any other european country (UK too will work).

6) Save the options and relog into your mail account and you will have a screen which says "Welcome to Yaoo beta" Click the "Try button" (In case you chose french of german, then click on the orange button on the right).

7) Go back to options and revert back to your normal prefered content.

If you are not satisfied by Yahoo beta you can always switch back.


Linus said...

Nice post! Just checkd out Y! beta.. looks cool. Yahoo had to do something to stop losing mail users to Gmail.. Finally this one looks quite promising.. a mix of Ajax of Gmail & comfort/features of outlook

Kar said...

will check out...thanks mate..

Aswin Anand T.H. said...

i got the beta invite itself :D