Sunday, February 17, 2008

Alternative to Microsoft Exchange - postpath

For most businesses today, e-mail is the mission-critical communications tool that allows their people to produce the best results. This greater reliance on e-mail has increased the number of messages sent and received, the variety of work getting done, and even the speed of business itself. Amid this change, employee expectations have also evolved. Today, employees look for rich, efficient access—to e-mail, calendars, attachments, contacts, and more—no matter where they are or what type of device they are using.

Microsoft exchange was one of the earliest product released to cater these needs but it was costly for companies to implement Microsoft exchange. An Exchange alternative to Microsoft is postpath email and collaboration server. postpath is Linux Email Server Alternative to Microsoft exchange which run on windows.It does deliver as promised - full Outlook functionality at a fraction of the software, hardware and storage costs. PostPath has also signed a partnership with VMWare and is fully supported as a virtualized platform. This gives you tremendous flexibility when it comes to disaster recovery and business continuity.

The highlight of postpath Email Server software is it supports all outlook functionality,iphone mail, performance, ease of backup enables the use of low-cost storage, server consolidation, and significantly larger user data-stores.postpath also offer support of installation and configuration of postpath product visit for more information on product and support

Friday, January 18, 2008

Getting Paid by Advertisers for Blogging

you are a blogger with a potential blog but dont make much of the money like big bloggers do and when you go for monetizing via ads the return is much lesser..

but dont get too depressed with what you are getting back from your blog...smorty is a service which connect advertisers with bloggers...

smorty pays bloggers handsome for the contents they write..the other advantage for early bloggers is they paid weekly as an when they finish up their assigned task..

you can also post in multiple blogs.. blog advertising is great service to use give it a try

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dream travel to UK

It was my dream of travelling to UK once a while...hope i will travel as now my current project which i am working is for UK based customer..actually he is from netherlands...

its a good place to visit but the problem in UK is staying it has been major problem...the cheapest option available is sharing room with people..but who will be interested to share room..any way i found out website offering cheap hotels.. offers last minute search of cheap hotels in places like netherlands,greece,czech-republic etc... its easy to find details in the site..

if you have a dream of for the cheepest and the best...and enjoy your stay..

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Portable Player takes on CD player

The CD was introduced with great fanfare in 1982 and soon supplanted the audio cassette due to high quality digital sound.You could bring your portable cd player anywhere to listen to high quality audio music. The next revolution started with the acceptance of mp3 music. MP3 stands for Moving Pictures Expert Group 1 Audio Layer 3. This mp3 technology allows for the compression of normal CD audio file in WAV format and reduces the size of the file by a factor of 10 to 1. That means you can store thousands of songs in a small portable player while previously a CD player could only hold a CD at a time.

CD player have advantages, in that CD players are cheaper than mp3 players. There is no need to buy storage media which is expensive. Songs in mp3 format have different sound volume levels while in a CD you get consistent sound volume. Why bother with the hassle of encoding, transferring and managing files which is troublesome, time consuming and more demanding when you can just simply pop in anew CD and get instant gratification. Also, if you travel to aless developed country , a CD player proves to be more useful asaccess to broadband is hard to find for downloading of your internet music. In addition, CD can last a life time and are virtually indestructible compared to a mp3 hard drive or flash memory players which have a limited life span and could spoil.

I personally switched from cd player to my 80 gig ipod because otherwise i would have too many cd's to carry around easily. Not that i have a very large cd collection but i want max quality so i wont put them on mp3 cd's even then i would have over 50 mp3 cd's.

But to compete now CD player's are becoming more compact , for household uses best Cd players are available with WIFI options to speakers..these make them compete with mp3 players. has different CD players to choose from...

HDTV hot Gadget these Holiday Season

If you’ve had a big-screen flat-panel HDTV in your sights for a while, it looks like this fall will be a great time to pull the trigger.

Prices this holiday season are expected to hit an all-time low, about 40 percent cheaper in general than a year ago and as much as 65 percent lower on certain kinds of TVs. There’s growing speculation that the season will start off strong on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, with eye-opening deals, particularly on plasma TVs.

Analysts say it’s unlikely TV prices will drop much lower in 2008, so there’s little point in waiting for better bargains next year. True, predictions for less-severe price drops in 2007 haven’t panned out, but this time they could be on the money. According to DisplaySearch presient Ross Young, much of the price cutting we’ve seen this year resulted from a perfect storm of events late in 2006, “where we had too much panel supply, too many brands and too many retailers.” offers consumers study on HDTV and others related products and also gives best deals to buy them.

for these Holiday Season you can find better and best deals at

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Friday, October 12, 2007

Cricketology mania

In India Cricket is something which people pray for india to win...all people in here watch cricket with lot of enthuciasm and lot of passion..

I was browsing through some of the videos of cricket from which i found this video..

Friday, October 05, 2007

Microsoft Zune market adoption

Zune Black 30GB has been introduced in the market by microsoft to capture a part of market share of mp3 player segment. It has been announced by microsoft on 14th Nov 2006, since then Microsoft has sold more than 1 million copies of zune.

Due to the annoucement of Zune2 in the market the price of Zune First Edition has been dropped by $50, Zune has lot of great features and it includes WIFI sharing and Radio as well.

The Zune First Edition has got new firmware upgrade 2.1 which has got all tweaks and UI similar to Zune 2 but not the new touch interface and the screen. offers Zune Black starting from $100... has various offers on electronic products

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Chennai public transport towards public comfort

The Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC) is launching is new Volvo air conditioned buses in Chennai. when i was reading newspaper i saw this launch news, but i didn't thought much on how the bus will look like..because there was no pictures....

When i was driving towards my office i saw a 19G bus.which was similar to bus i looked at Bangalore, good to see bus of this kind in Chennai. i don't no whether this buses are available locally for public transports in Mumbai,Delhi,Kolkatta etc. But i saw this buses in Bangalore.

Bangalore has got 4 of this buses, but now in chennai 10 buses are running in routes 21G, A18, 70, and 19 G from the information that i came across. i saw two buses on road 21G and 19 G.

Before When friends were comparing Chennai and Bangalore they somehow compare the availability of Volvo bus in Bangalore, but now Chennai has more equipped Volvo buses.It has got cameras,LCD's for drivers to control doors of who is getting in and going out and also it is disabled friendly..AC is required in Chennai, the humidity is high in Chennai and people traveling long distance get tired of high temperature..i dont no about the cost of the travel, i think it will be nominal and affordable..and there will be more buses in coming months..

Saturday, August 25, 2007

comic on iPhone hack

a comic strip on iPhone hacked by a teenager...

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